Physiology is the science that describes the nature of life. It teaches about how our bodies work, how we are born, how we grow and what happens when we die. Our dedicated faculty guides the aspiring students in the area of body science with excellent teaching resources. Along with theoretical knowledge, students are also exposed to practical training and pre-clinical knowledge instruction.

The department also conducts regular symposia, seminars and journal club meetings for the exchange of ideas.

Courses Offered
  • MD in Physiology
  • MSc in Physiology


At Rama University, both the faculty and the postgraduate students are encouraged to do research on advanced topics in Physiology. For this, all the resources are made available for the faculty as well as students. One of the best features of the Medical Research Centre of the university is that it promotes interdisciplinary liaison, which helps in maximizing the benefits.


The department of Physiology has the benefit of advanced laboratory for providing practical knowledge to the students.

At the laboratory, the students have access to the latest equipment:

  • Haematology laboratory: centrifuges, binocular microscopes, haemocytometer along with other equipment for conducting haematology experiments, such as solutions and reagents
  • Mammalian laboratory: equipment for conducting experiments on large and small animals
  • Clinical physiology laboratory: equipped for examining human subjects, such as ergometer, ECG, perimeter and spirometer
  • Amphibian laboratory: equipment for conducting heart and muscle experiments
  • Research laboratory: polygraphs and physiographs for recording and studying the physiological activities of the subjects