Product Development

1. Design and Modelling of Voice Controlled Wheel Chair for Disabled personsimage1

This project describes the design of a wheelchair and the control of home appliances using embedded system. The proposed design supports voice recognition system for severely disabled persons. While the needs of many individuals with disabilities can be satisfied with powered wheelchairs; few patients, find it difficult to operate a standard power wheelchair. This project could be part of an assistive technology. Microcontroller and voice recognition processor will support the home automation and wheel chair control, through voice. This is a unique system incorporating both wheel chair control through voice and the home automation which provides reliability, safety and comfort.

2. Wind Turbine based Mobile Charger for use on travel and villagesimage2

Wind energy is the kinetic energy associated with the movement of atmospheric air and this energy is converted to more useful forms of power using wind energy systems. It has been used for hundreds of years for sailing, grinding grain and it is being used to generate electric power. Wind power is known as ‘Green Power’, because of its technical and commercial viability and its environment-friendly nature. The special features of wind energy that makes it attractive are zero cost fuels, low gestation period, quicker benefits and usefulness for sustainable economic development. The device harnesses kinetic energy from an air that drives an embedded turbine. This energy is then converted into an electrical current that recharges your mobile phone.

3. Coconut Tree Climbing Deviceimage3

As the educational background of Indian youth is increasing, most of the people may hesitate to be a professional climber. It forces to find some alternate method to claim in the coconut tree which can be easy for both men and women. There is no 100% safe coconut-harvesting device currently available in the market. Although there have been efforts made by many inventors, the most similar construction is a coconut-climbing assistance device that assures efficiency, but not necessarily safety. Also Coconut and coconut bye-product industry is a growing market in India.

The proposed concept is lighter than those existing by about 30% and is expected to be lower cost on account of alloy steel used in its construction. Both men and women will be able to operate the device with ease. This device works on the basic operation of alternative frictional movement between the device and the tree trunk. The device consists of top and bottom support, frame, footrest, steel wire rope. This steel wire rope is looped with the tree and has to be locked at the foot rest. Then the climber can stand by placing the foot on both foot rest assemblies. As the climber lift the foot, the rope gets loosen and when it is pushed back it gets tighten. By this process the climber can climb the tree easily and faster. This device will ultimately harvest coconuts would be a significant innovation for agricultural people.

4. Design and Fabrication of Aero Modelimage3a

Saveetha University inaugurated “Aero club” in October 2011. As part of the Aero club, students from Mechanical Engineering have been provided training in the fabrication and operation of flying machines. The team learn to fabricate chuck gliders out of Indian balsa wood. The initial steps for a flying model started off by making a battery powered flyer and students learnt various aspects of aerodynamics which involved basic Mechanical concepts such as Bernoulli’s Principle, drag –thrust forces, various wing design constrains.

The entire fabrication for the final aero-model using balsa wood, PVC and foam sheet were done by the students as part of carpentry experience. The design for the aero model wing was scaled version of NACA series. Six channel 2.6 GHz remote controller with a crystal receiver was used for the control unit. Four servo motors are used as part of the entire model control for the ailerons, stabilizers and radar control. It can be used to analyze the amount of humidity present in atmosphere in different areas. It can be used in some of the civil applications such as fire fighting and for the surveillance of pipelines.

5. Electric Power Generation from Speed Breakerimage4

Electric power can be generated from speed breaker by using rollers. Whenever the vehicles move over the rollers, the rollers will start rotating due to contact friction between wheel and the rollers and the kinetic energy of the rollers will be converted into electrical energy with the help of an alternator. That generated electric power can be used for many applications.

Direct current (DC) electricity had been used in arc lights for outdoor lighting. In the late-1800s, Nikola Tesla pioneered the generation, transmission and use of alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be transmitted over much greater distances than direct current. Tesla’s inventions are used electricity to bring indoor lighting to our homes and to power industrial machines.

6. Multi Powered Bicycle

There are mainly two types of bicycle in the world such as paddle bicycle which a person has to paddle to move, motorized bicycle that uses electric power that would stand hardly for an hour. The idea to make a bicycle which gain energy in the ride itself came in mind. The concept of solar energy is the prime source of energy that has been adopted to charge a battery and run the motor which is connected to the chain sprocket. When the bicycle was not in use during day, the solar panel will charge the battery and will make the bicycle operate in a more efficient manner.

Solar panel has been fitted with bicycle itself of 10 Watts, connected to a 12 V battery of 17 amps and gives its power to the motor of 170 W which runs about 750 RPM. The motor is connected to the back wheel of cycle with help of chain sprocket to make the cycle run. A 6V & 3 W grinding dynamo fitted in the cycle for lighting head lamp. Battery supplies power to horn & indicators for safe driving.

The bicycle of this kind can be used in hospitals to maintain green environment. It will attract the college & school students who cannot spend huge amount for two wheelers. It can be used in very big cultivation area to supervise the farm plots without pollution. It can be used in Zoos for travelling around. It can be mainly made use in the premises which must be ecofriendly, free of pollution and can be used as a renewable source of energy.

7. Solar Sprayerimage5

Solar energy plays an important role in drying agriculture products and for irrigation purpose for pumping the well water in remote villages without electricity. This Technology on solar energy can be extended for spraying pesticides, Fungicides and Fertilizers etc., using Solar Sprayers.

Solar radiation can be converted directly into electricity semiconductor devices, which are known as Photovoltaic (PV) cells. When Sunlight falls upon the Solar cell a part of the light is absorbed and it is converted into Electrical Energy by means of electron movements. This Solar Panel is connected to 12V lead acid battery for storing the electrical energy. A 12V DC motor is connected to these lead acid batteries to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. Battery can be charged continuously during discharge itself, by attaching the panel on the sprayers. Without panel on the sprayers, discharge can be done for a minimum period of 3 to 4 hours. By changing the battery, discharge can be continued for further more hours. Charging can be done by separate Solar Panel attachment.

The cost of the fuel increases day by day. The cost of the conventional sprayer is about Rs 4000 to Rs 6000. But the cost of the solar powered sprayer is below Rs 5000. The operating cost of the conventional sprayer is Rs 75 per hour. Absolutely zero operating cost for solar powered sprayer. It is a huge benefit for farmers. This technology is most suitable for energy alternate device for power sprayers. The farming community is more dynamic and they can accept the proved technology for implementation. Moreover the same technique and technology can also be extended for all types of power sprayers. The stored DC power in the battery can be converted into AC power with the help of inverter and can various purposes like mobile charging, emergency light, fans, lighting etc.