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About Us


JOVO Education is an innovative and novel platform working to transform the way of education and the prevailing problems in the current educational system. Rely on us for the finest for you and experience the wonders we could do. 

Intending to revolutionize the entire education industry, JOVO Education has been working endlessly in the domain for more than 15 years. We endeavour to craft the new methodologies for the new era and create a brand new ecosystem which acts as a companion for everyone involved in education, i.e., student, parents, faculty and University.

With our magical wand, we strive to spell for a new transformation towards the engagement and interaction between all forming a new and unique community. We strive to transform the future of all those who are involved with us.

JOVO Education with the finest of machine learning knowledge works with an exceptionally intelligent approach and serves you with all your needs. Exclusivity, Inbound marketing, ROI Management Analytics and other analytical concepts are what we indulge into to perform our best. JOVO aspire to make every student involved in learning and research as a habit and passion and firmly develop their educational career.

With more than 60 activities, we always ensure you genuine, unique, true and transparent analytics and making you drive towards investment in brand building and student empowerment. We make everyone engage in our eco-system and be active, in turn, attaining results and innovations.

Crafted for Universities, colleges and schools, JOVO is sure to turn your brad perception into reality. Helping us in our efforts are the various processes of analytics, ROI management, inbound marketing, prospects discovery and much more.

Working with the motive to reach more than 2 billion students by the end of 2020, we are putting in our best and dedicated to creating endless opportunities and multitudes of products. Join us in our endeavour of transforming and revolutionizing. 

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