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IIT Madras to Host Second Edition of Singapore India Hackathon

By Admin Published: Sep 28,2019
IIT Madras to Host Second Edition of Singapore India Hackathon
According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the Singapore India Marathon’s second edition will be held at IIT Madras from 28th to 29th September 2019. The Hackathon will commence on 28th September 2019 in the presence of Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre, Minister of State HRD (Human Resource Development).

As per a statement released by the MHRD, the second edition of this hackathon is focusing on three themes, which are:

Quality Education

Well-Being and Good Health

Clean Energy and Affordable

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The release further stated that the event is an initiative that is based on PM Modi’s vision of actively collaborating the best brains of India by promoting engagements with the international world.

There will be 20 teams participating in the Singapore India Hackathon. This will be the first time that a team will comprise three students from Singapore and three students from India. The team that can come up with the most innovative solutions on the themes of this year’s hackathon will secure the first position and the prize money. The prize money for different positions are:

$ 10,000 for the first position

$ 8,000 for the second position

$ 6,000 for the third position

$ 4,000 for the fourth position

$ 2,000 as prize encouragement for 6 teams with high potential solutions

The co-organisers of the event will be:

MIC (MHRD’s Innovation Cell)

AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education)

NTU (Nanyang Technological University), Singapore

NTUitive Pte Ltd.

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The awards will be given to the winning teams on 30th September 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ONG Ye Kong, Minister of Education, Singapore and Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishankh’, Minister of Human Resource Development, India will also be attending the prize ceremony.

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