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Why do Indian Students Prefer Russia for Medical Education?

By Admin Published: Sep 28,2019
Why do Indian Students Prefer Russia for Medical Education?
With the admissions process coming to an end, it has been witnessed that Russia has become one of the most popular destinations for Indian students to pursue their medical education. Sources state that medical aspirants from India have been choosing Russia as the country to pursue their medical education due to the quality of education at an affordable fee structure.

In an event held in Delhi, Roman Babushkin, Charge d’Federation in India described Indian students as their best assets. During the event, SOBRANIYE-2019, Babushkin stated that the numerous students from India have been able to receive their higher education degrees and reach great heights in their career. The event had been held as a pre-departure ceremony for all the Indian students who were travelling to Russia for their MBBS or medical education.

The event also saw various students being awarded medals and scholarships for their excellent academic performance and achievements. Among the scholarships that had been awarded to the students, some of the scholarships had been awarded in Memorium of the leaders of India.

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The scholarships include the Druzhba Scholarship, offered in memory of former Ambassador of Russia Alexander Kadakin and in the memory of our brave soldiers, students were awarded Veer Jawan Scholarship. In memory of Prime Minister AB Vajpayee, Udaan Scholarship was awarded, Badhte Kadam Scholarship was awarded in memory of Former President APJ Abdul Kalam, while Maiatreyi Scholarship was awarded in memory of Sushma Swaraj, former External Affairs Minister. The students were also awarded a Samarthya Scholarship in memory of the former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

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Sources state that the parents of all the Indian students who were travelling to Russia had been promised “all possible timely help”, along with the guidance, assistance and support that they will need to travel to Russia and live and study in a secure and pleasant environment.

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